P.O. Box 155
Amanda, Ohio 43102

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Donation Wishlist

We are always in need of certain supplies to keep our pets happy and healthy while they wait to be adopted. Below is a list of supplies that we are always in need of. All donations are tax deductible (501(c)(3))

  • Elevated beds

  • Durable dog toys

  • Kong toys

  • Treats (Made in the USA)

  • Flea/Tick Medicine

  • Martingale Collars

  • Leashes

  • Thunder Jackets

  • Bowls

  • Dog food

  • S-XL pet safe easy walk dog harness

  •  Pill pockets

  • Puppy pads

  • M-XL Dog Crates

If you are interested in donating, please send us a message on Facebook for drop off locations or click on the link below to ship from Amazon